Why doesn’t River announce the hiring of Salomón Rondón?

Silver river He is focused on closing his preseason before the start of the Professional League. Taking this situation into account, the management of the Núñez club last details for the hiring of reinforcements, although they reached an agreement for the services of Rondón, for the moment, The institution does not formalize its transfer, which has generated several questions from its fans.

River fans can rest easy, since the footballer will have a non-stop trip from England to Argentina. The situation that has delayed his presentation as a new player is related to the economic obstacles that arise in the country regarding the transfer of currencies.

This scenario happened previously with the transfer of Miguel Ángel Borja, who had to be patient to be able to dress in the Banda Cruzada team shirt. In the case of the Venezuelan, he is going through the same scenario and for this reason, the leadership takes this process very calmly.

The only concern that exists is the time of your arrival. Rondón will probably arrive in the country at the end of the month and due to this event he will have little time to get used to Argentine soccer since his last game was played in October 2022.