Why wouldn’t the Monumental stadium be taken into account to host the Under 20 World Cup?

In recent weeks the fifa announced that Indonesia would finally not be the venue to host the emotions of the Sub 20 world. Taking this situation into account, our country will be inclined to be able to develop the commitments that are part of this championship.

For this reason, from the leadership of the AFA came to delimit the details so that javier masherano continue in his position after the elimination of the duration in the South American of the category in a tournament that began at the beginning of the year in Colombia.

In the absence of the go-ahead, the world soccer organizing body intends to communicate the decision so that with it the possibility that the Albiceleste can integrate the championship as host is added.

Now there is a question and it is related to the stadiums that will receive the matches. From the mother house of Argentine soccer, some proposals for sports venues were sent to be able to host the games and there is one that would not meet the organization’s requirements.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the Monumental stadium. A venue that frequently receives the matches of the Argentine National Team, but in this case it cannot become a venue because FIFA requires that no matches be held in the period between May 20 and June 11.

Due to this situation, this application would be ruled out because Vespucio Liberti will have the visit of matches of the Professional League and of course the matches in which River will play the Copa Libertadores de América.