With last-minute changes, Kirchnerism is preparing to begin the impeachment of the Supreme Court

The Frente de Todos has everything ready to start the impeachment trial against the Supreme Court next week. For that they defined running a deputy masista of the commission, and his place will be occupied by the deputy for La Rioja Ricardo Quinta, trusted by Governor Ricardo Quintela.

In this scenario, the bet of the Frente de Todos en Diputados is that on Thursday, January 26 The Impeachment Committee led by Carolina Gaillard from Entre Ríos meets for the first time. a protocol meeting, in the Será that the signatories of the project are summoned to advance in the exhibitions.

The opposition already guarantees that it will not support the decision of the kirchnerism, which leaves no opportunity to advance. Although they are there to defend the Supreme Court judges, which will generate a heated debate. The main argument that they will use will have to do with the chats were obtained illegally and therefore cannot be considered as legitimate evidence to judge conduct.

In this sense, the ruling by federal judge Sebastián Ramos, in line with what the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli requested, agrees with the opposition proposal. The magistrate in his sentence stated that the hacking of the cell phone of the Buenos Aires minister it is “a presumably illegal conduct, which would go directly to the detriment of the most basic constitutional guarantees ofand our country, as I have been maintaining it”.

“That was going to happen, that was a drawer. There are thousands of cases, from 83 to now, that maintain that with information obtained illegally, the cases fall. There is no way that these chats are part of the test, ”said one of the opposition representatives in Deputies.


Another of the axes of the debate has to do with the evidence of hundreds of pages that the ruling party presented to judge the supreme judges. In one of them is the sentence for the co-participation between the City of Buenos Aires and the Nation. The opposition will insist that the content of the sentence is not material to judge. But for Kirchnerism this is the ruling that shows “the spurious relations of the Supreme Court with political power”.

last minute changes

The head of the official bloc, German Martinezhe had to run to the deputy of the Vanessa Massetani of the commission. Herrera from La Rioja will go in his place, who, in line with what his governor proposes, encourages the movement of Kirchnerism.

Of the 31 seats on the commission, the Frente de Todos gathers 16. Although it has a guaranteed majority, cannot realize the luxury of any absence, because the 14 of Together for Change and Alejandro “El Topo” Rodríguez have already anticipated that they will not support this decision in any way.

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in that scenariothe departure of the masista from Santa Fe raised doubts about the behavior of the Renovation Front with this issue. sergio masa He has yet to speak publicly on the matter.

Nevertheless, Spokesmen for the ruling party clarified that he has a family member committed to health and that is why it was decided that the best thing would be to release her and that someone else would occupy her place. “You have to do things right so that she feels comfortable with her situation and we don’t lose a key place,” analyzed a parliamentary source.


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