Working abroad: the best opportunities for 2023

The lack of labor and the shortage of specific talents and knowledge, together with the new labor trends that emerged in the post-pandemic period, mean that many countries must implement new immigration policies. This situation creates new opportunities for those young people who seek to emigrate thanks to the context of the economic crisis that Argentina is going through.

Germany is one of the countries that is looking for foreign labor. You are incorporating a work permit known as an “Opportunity Card”. It is intended for foreigners who have a technical university degree, are under 35 years of age and have knowledge of the German language.

Germany will allow entry for one year during which you can look for a permanent job and you can also accept offers to do temporary jobs. One requirement is to have enough money to cover the entire first year.

New Zealand targets 75,000 overseas workers as announced by its Prime Minister. The main jobs for which it seeks to incorporate foreign labor are civil construction supervisors, gas operators, crane operators, qualified machinery operators and motor mechanics, among others.

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Canada pointed out that it seeks to incorporate 1.4 million foreigners who are willing to settle in the country and there. The project contemplates a quota for each of the next three years. 465,000 people by 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 during 2025. In all cases they are permanent residences.

Portugal is also on the list of countries seeking to incorporate foreign labor. This year it implemented a visa so that workers from Argentina and the entire world can move there, work and settle.

This new permit is colloquially known as “digital nomad permit” will grant permits to people who provide services remotely to companies or independently outside of Portugal. It also grants the choice and the right to reside in the country for one year with the possibility of extension.

With all these possibilities, Argentines interested in working outside the country during 2023 can analyze their cases and choose the personal destination based on the alternative that best suits their professional profile.

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