Yesterday some 23 thousand users were registered without electricity supply

After having experienced a true “Black Friday” in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) with almost 100,000 users without electricity, without water, pickets with tires and wood set on fire at the main intersections of avenues in the City and the GBA , yesterday the panorama was different.

Although the temperature dropped gradually –at the close of this edition– some 23,000 users were registered in total from the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs without electricity supply.

According to the report of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) at 7:00 p.m., in the Edesur concession area there were some 20,000 users without electricity, especially in the towns of Avellaneda, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes and Ezeiza.

While in CABA, the neighborhoods with the highest number of power outages were registered in San Nicolás, La Boca and Monserrat, Mataderos, Parque Patricios, Boedo, Villa Devoto, La Paternal, Flores and Caballito.

Regarding the concession area of ​​the Edenor company, the total number of users without electricity at the same time totaled about 3,000 in total, of which the majority are located in the Buenos Aires municipalities of La Matanza, Moreno, Merlo, San Martín and San Isidro, as specified in the ENRE report.

As will be recalled, the national government, through that body, filed a criminal complaint on Thursday against the authorities of the Edesur company to investigate them for fraud due to the disruption of the agreed rights, abandonment of person and hindering public services. .

In this, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2 of Lomas de Zamora requested an investigation regarding the management of Edesur, after the Ombudsman’s Office of the province of Buenos Aires criminally denounced the company for the poor provision of the service, according to reported yesterday.

In a statement, the Buenos Aires Ombudsman’s Office indicated that prosecutor Cecilia Incardona felt that Edesur’s action “constitutes the crime of hindering electricity supply services, provided for and punished by article 194 of the Penal Code, notwithstanding that a more serious crime could be configured, for which reason it is appropriate to instruct a summary for its investigation ”.

Guido Lorenzino, who leads the agency, denounced that the entity received many claims against Edesur and “although the company knew of the arrival of high temperatures, it did not purchase energy to supply the energy flow, preventing users from using the service,” they highlighted. and underlined “the suspicious shareholding movements of Enel, the owner of Edesur.” The MPF moved forward with the complaint and ordered evidence measures in order to investigate the directors of Edesur and Enel.

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