Zuculini: “I was surprised when he said he loved me”

The midfielder of Silver river complete the 90 minutes in the stadium of the intermiami against the Colombians and was important for the 2-0 victory.

zucco He told how his reaction was to the laudatory words that the new coach had towards him in his presentation as DT in River: I was very surprised because I was on vacation, without my cell phone and without watching TV. From one moment to another I got a lot of messages, I spoke with Martín. I am grateful to him, to his coaching staff that I already know them too. We will all continue to work together to obtain good results this year.express.


For the few memories Demichelis had said about zuculini the next: “I want players who want to be there, who declare like Bruno and declare it on the pitch. Bruno will be there, I love him“.